October Poem 4 (Tweet Poem)

When Trump Paid His Taxes


It was a mess o’ cotton growin on his plantation

He was forcing Asians into internment camps

Both he and Mrs. Universe were in porns. They loved their porns. It was a big problem

He was sentenced to five years in the penitentiary. How do you think he met his Neo-Nazi friends?


His hands were the right size for his body

He was suffering from a bout of dementia

He died a little inside

He had a full head of hair

His testicles had just dropped

He had DTs for a week

The dinosaurs went extinct


He accidentally clicked pay now

He was attempting to keep welfare funded, so he could keep his welfare fraud rings in business

He was trying to qualify for social security: can’t let free money go to waste

He thought he was just paying the monthly mortgage payment on his mansion

He misunderstood what it meant to be in league with the mafia

He thought he was drunk dialing an ex-girlfriend. His occupation was listed as “Sex Machine”

He was just being stupid because not paying taxes makes you smart


He actually paid his contractors

He had his accountant killed

He put out hits on all the politicians that made it happen

He had just finished wiping his ass with all of that money


He had an attack of conscience

He decided to comb his hair over the swastika tattoo on the top of his head

He was taking dating tips from Bill Cosby

He thought it would help him pick up chicks

He was financing the war in Iraq while he was still for it


He threw his diaper across the room in protest. This happened yesterday. I guess it was a Depends

He vowed to get into politics and change the law, so it can never happen again

He had to self-administer an Epi-Pen to combat his swelling, itching, and shortness of breath



His accountant had misunderstood a joke. The Trump has the best deadpan… don’t know who said it, but it was said

It was actually a bank error in his favor

It made all the papers and should have been great for business

He was still just a punchline

The IRS thought they had a computer virus

His ancestors rolled over in their graves

I hadn’t run out of trump jokes to tell

Who the hell am I kidding? He never paid his taxes

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