August Poem 29: Speaking Meditation

Worker who has to make up the public

Violence. Words are not sticks or stones. They are

That glass’s condensation as working.

President Trump. If he were eloquent.

Wouldn’t be bad if the poetry gets

Cold. Speaking meditations. On things owned.

Directed out of the static essence.

Pine trees. Pickled pig’s lips. Anything sold.

Solid. Delusioned. Private. Growing like

Weeds. Walmart garlic flavored racial strife.

Once gave the mid-morning the second day

People that speak those vile and evil words

Fried emotional nature. Destroyed.

This as a work for you to recreate.

August Poem 28: The Buddha’s Brain

Well on his way to waking to the world

As a speaker. President Trump fished in

The deep water. If more people would have

The spark to understand his points. If he

Weren’t so eloquent. The best speaker.

Never over the line either way. The

Biggest vocabulary. That’s a word

You might not have heard “vocabulary.”

It’s got the same root as vocation and

I am going to create millions of jobs.

The best jobs. Because taking Trump’s side on a

Subject makes small thinkers lump you in with

The fiction that even “The Donald” would

Have any trouble being understood.

August Poem 27: Never Over the Line

To be triggered at your lectures. Doctor

Peterson just say our words. To threaten

All reporters. Can we get some muscle

Over here? To break windows and burn trash.

They’d run the bases, if not they would shift

Their heads as they left early. And the game,

That rambling word salad they might have.

Supremacists. Asses with adaptions.

And I really hate to think that in all

Places all over the world they are there.

With lefties just a bunch of anti-speech

Storm troopers, aren’t they stronger and far-

ther righter than the Nazis that they punch.

August Poem 26: Inherent Violence

By your privilege alone you will speak and

Words are violence and lefties read your minds

As Triggly Puff rocks back and forth screaming

Over you, so you can’t be heard at your UMAS

Lecture. Words are violence and you have just

Lynched someone with the words you couldn’t say

Because they wouldn’t let you speak. Words are

Violence and lefties have been hurt screaming

With their fingers in your face as Chanty

Binx tells you to shut the fuck up for a

Second. Words are violence and lefties have

Their rights to preemptive self-defense strikes.

Words are violence and lefties have a few

Choice words for you: Baseball bat sneak attack.

August Poem 25: The Will

To squelch the myriad voices: smash win-

dows and throw trash. The will to

Squelch the myriad voices: puppeteer

The Evergreen President. The will to

Squelch the myriad voices: using threats

And violence. The will to squelch the myri-

ad voices: using masks and baseball bats.

The will to squelch the myriad voices

With the full backing of the mainstream press.

In this post truth, post racial era, when

All other Ideas have been outlawed and

Left-wingers have been duly deputized

To seek out retribution for the things

That they have decided you want to do.

August Poem 23: President Trump’s Press Conference

I hate the Nazis. You hate the Nazis.

President Donald Trump hates the Nazis.

Deep down, even the Nazis hate themselves

For being ignorant, uninformed ass

Monkeys. White supremacists are a bunch

Of morons who mentally finger bang

Each other in each other’s collective

Assholes. Even they have to agree on

This simple fact. But the constitution

Protects their right to assemble. Even

If, you hate them. Even if, I hate them.

Even if, President Donald hates them.

Even if, they hate themselves deep, deep down.

For being such uninformed ass monkeys.


Freedom of speech. Even though: Their speech is

Vile. Their ideas are vile. The fact that these

People hold to such backward ideas is

Vile. But they are protected under the

Law. The law that makes us free. The law that

Keeps us free. The law that protects us, the

Healthy, informed, and liberal citizens

That believe in social justice from the

Tyranny of the government. The right

To protest and speak unfavorable

Opinions. The right that you use to keep

The government from being ruled by the

Nazis because punching Nazis only

Makes them run people over with their cars.

August Poem 22: Modern Blasphemy

You don’t have the right to violence against

Anyone. No matter what you might think.

No matter what your teacher may have taught,

Someone that disagrees with you is not

Attacking you. You do not have the right

To resort to physical violence

Because someone disagrees with you. If

You feel bad. You have not been attacked. If

You feel hurt. You have not been attacked. If

Someone speaks the wrong opinion. You have

Not been attacked. If someone engages

In wrong think. You have not been attacked. So

Leave your ski masks and body armor at

Home Antifa. You have not been attacked.