Now You are Cooking with Hope—Etheree #W3


That is


What I thought you

Were gonna tell me.

Hope is a thin slice of

Lemon to make a meringue.

I hope you got more than that, or

We are going to have one weak pie.

Who, the hell, starts a bakery on hope?


An etheree is a ten line poem where the first line has one syllable, the second has two, and so on until you have ten syllables on the tenth line. You can learn more about the etreree and other poetic forms at Shadow Poetry. Check it out here:

I wrote this poem in response to David’s poetry challenge at Skeptic’s Kaddish. His prompt for Wea’ve Written Weekly is to write a poem with the word ‘hope’ in response to the poem that he has posted here:

His poem is a hopeful one about leaving an old job for something better to come. Mine is a skeptical one about starting a new business that seems destined to fail.


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