September Poem 30

Here is the pizza

That you turned around

Too quick for maintaining grounding.


Myth will use six character

Blurring to create cheese sauce

Baking feet over an ambiguous narrative.

The possibilities of the aliens to compensate

Had me get the hot whiskey.


This story will be ready and never ready,

So I slipped already repurposing Cian to wait in line

And smell that pungent aroma of the re-sod lawn.

He was arguing perspective,

A refresher of intellectual expense.

September Poem 28

I saw the Archdioceses

When I was the age of twelve.

Lazy Christians neglected religious choice

But are saved. They don’t even need their fishes sized.

They, their kin, and the rest have to enter the kingdom of god.

The kingdom of god that does and does not prepare me to fall

Or walk through the gates.


I got stunned but still tried to do away

With the head that shouted only the essence of everything.

Christian is black or white, heaven or hell.

If I hadn’t known organized religion,

My assumptions could have been saintly beautiful.

September Poem 27

The undergraduate symposium on research and creative activity,

December of 2014, was so successful that the therapy day with birther wave

Said, do you want to study together for Spanish?

The class of 2011 president and director is not among choice of candidates—

And not surprisingly, it’s the symposium’s keynote speaker we are referring to.

Revised Favorite

Somehow I ended up posting todays poem yesterday, so to day you get one of my favorite poems. This poem has been slightly revised from the first time that you saw it.


West at 2a.m.


These folks have been west at 2 a.m.

Gathering impressive numbers.

This entity is the Bream,

The backyard buttered toast made here

Since before European colonization.


This was their population

Like the Audubon Society,

A bunch of ghosts

Who make their most concentrated effort

At favored fish for the table.


Mitch experiences for many,

And did so for me

From early wood fire,

Homemade sausage, and native plants.


Mitch and I were visiting with an unusual

Diminutive creature that defies morning.

Blues Ally coincided with sunrise.

We cooked breakfast on a drift

When he mentioned the plant sale.


I timber along the edges,

So when I am seeing things

In the old home from search of catfish,

Plants are, I think, your childhood until now,

What spring fishing, bacon, and eggs are

Fresh from a chicken coop

Indigenous to the region.


He added, however, the September things

That attract him to the house are

Purely grand Insects and birds and deer

And such that have idea of ghost’s persuasion

Activity and the full moon just before daylight.

All were hard against tradition and simplicity.

September Poem 26

We are excited to announce stances

That the judge could hear.

He ordered that all motions be filled

On news of the Honors College and especially

Highlighting the adventure’s achievements

Each indicated separately on the seven counts filed

By district attorney Mark Duncan.

Lefty, would that you said they sound like

They instituted commandments for the faithful.

September Poem 22 Voodoo Reflections

White zombie shows up

As the city and can see

The poverty that only holds up

A symbol of their colonial ghettos.

Most of the film only deals in seen glimpses

Of the life of sugar plantations.


At a position of fear at

Being viewed by the world as an elitist

That could completely change

The reading of the colony name

As a former slave’s point of view,

Lizardi, 92, authored the story

Controlled by others, the worlds mirrors.


The control is to remove him.

As the doctor comes to check innocents,

The five year old gave ambiguous line

About the control or loss of control and

Her ability to understand author’s hand controlled.


Phelps or Tennyson on Hattian shores.

The people of Haiti have a particular fear of the Lady of Shallot

Ever resolving the question of losing control or being misunderstood.

White responsibility to help the most dangerous zombie

Revolves around the subtextual poor.