The Chickens and all That

Don’t just say that you are sad

Even if you want to use big annoying words

Like desolation.

Say you have been lying down in front of the chicken coop

Covered in feed corn,

And they have been pecking and shitting on you all week.

But don’t leave it there.

Tell why you are sad,

And don’t just say because he dumped me.

And don’t say he left you in a lurch.

Even if you want to say lurch.

Nobody wants to hear lurch. Nobody even likes lurches.

I mean look at that lurch

Over there crawling around on its belly.

Go away lurch nobody likes you.

So instead of he dumped me.

Say Sean and I had gone out to that diner that he knows I don’t like.

And he answered the text after I told him not to.

And he tried to hide the phone. But I saw who it was.

Cindy, that tramp.

So, I told Cindy that Sean had herpes.

And do you believe it, Sean dumped me for that.

And then go on

About the chickens

And all that.

Don’t Speak of the Rainbow

Do you speak the rainbow?

Let its radiance slip between your teeth.

Falling over the rolling hills.

Falling into a clearing in the forest.

Falling on butterflies in the breeze.

Falling on a patch of golden flowers

At the foot of a dying tree.

Can you speak the rainbow

And let the colors fall on my ears?

Or do you speak of the rainbow.

And tell me in black and white.

And wash the floor of the fancy colors.

And burn down the woods.

And strip-mine the hills.

And leave a big smoking hole.

And chase away the butterflies.

The Leaf that Broke the Woodshed


Your kill on

Your knees.

Your woodshed,

A roofed woodpile that

You built.

Old pallets, scrap wood.

An angled flat roof

You covered in left over scraps of tile.

Your cabin.

Warm from

Your seasoned wood.

It had been her present to…


The last leaf falls.

Your present to


Your dream.

Your refuge

From her!?

Drop Out

food on the table

roof over your head

work two shifts every night

dad on the weekend

role model

out of jail and off drugs

drop out

you are too old

drop out

you are too broke

drop out

you are too dumb

drop out

you have no dreams

drop out

you have no thoughts

drop out

you have no words

drop out

you have no soul