Dream, You Rose Red Smear of Blowing Music–Magnetic Poetry

Dream, you rose red smear of blowing music.

Meet him, girl. Recall not the need of rain.

Heave not bitterly as your deaths are one

Blue forest skin with smooth breast and less bed

Never trudging to ache were his pink light

But a mad dream grown petal armed lazy.


Feel him preach song to breathe true life between

You sunning comfort every kiss he dare.

Give happy to this simple bluebird wine

Beneath barefoot love alive bringing rain.


Fall then deep and secret with this moist dusk

Of lake moss climbing from verdant love rock.


I created this poem using the magnetic poetry tool found at: http://magneticpoetryplayonline.com/

You Number Us in Cyclones and Honey–Ransom Note Poetry

You number us in cyclones and honey,

The unspectacular lilac-breasted

Pattern on the water like wings of milk.

We search for this place when the seas scattered

To the folding dhows will not be pinned.


Our purpose is traced with photographic

Plates of cobweb, corkboard, and spittle.

We will find our purpose from veins polished

From kingfisher feathers. Spinning the trees,

Our purpose scours us to nail and scrap.


Perhaps flying the mighty mockingbird,

At last, down to journey among the known

Suggested king or queen pilgrimages

Of a clean opalescent southern gulf.