May Poem 31

We pulled big bream I’ve tagged.

The time has definitely come

For the ice chest.


Novice anglers are for the flyrod

Or ultralight nowadays.

Daddy and I are not so much

On the exotic verities.


I’d admit to an affinity

If youngsters involved

Use a cane pole and crickets.

May Poem 30

There were times when Daddy

And quill corks on a monofilament line

Included Mama and grasshoppers

Extracted from a wooden charred condition

Burned by the Union army.


This was a family affair

With tiny Eagle Claw hooks

In the Holly Springs area.

But more bait was goose, hand-caught crickets,

My sister, and Civil War.

May Poem 28

Calhoun County sheriff is finally

Making headway in getting TV.

But you bring on millions of items.

You are shipping benefits.


You may already sincerely video.

Get even on your television.

Your already entitled flick

Doesn’t have mobile belts.

May Poem 27

These folks have been west at 2 a.m.

Gathering impressive numbers.

This entity is the Bream,

The backyard buttered toast made here

Since before European colonization.


This was their population

Like the Audubon Society,

A bunch of ghosts

Who make their most concentrated effort

At favored fish for the table.


Mitch experiences for many,

And did so for me

From early wood fire,

Homemade sausage, and native plants.


Mitch and I were visiting with an unusual

Diminutive creature that defies morning.

Blues Ally coincided with sunrise.

We cooked breakfast on a drift

When he mentioned the plant sale.


I timber along the edges,

So when I am seeing things

In the old home from search of catfish,

Plants are, I think, your childhood until now,

What spring fishing, bacon, and eggs are

Fresh from a chicken coop

Indigenous to the region.


He added, however, the September things

That attract him to the house are

Purely grand Insects and birds and deer

And such that have idea of ghost’s persuasion

Activity and the full moon just before daylight.

All were hard against tradition and simplicity

As well as original content

Including new hit series Amazon flies us.


It may seem odd to go to a nature plant,

Ghost ear, or red belly.

But regardless of where we went,

We followed a prescription

That lay preserve to see an old house.

May Poem 26

Greg Polan, who talks to invisible people,

Doodles pictures pushed

Out of stream banks flooded

Where high waters have pearl,

Even the pearl itself.

Several people have reported,

Those asked to pare

Smart sonic for the putter,

Should you desire to keep things

Especially important,

Hearing aging Plymouths or Ramblers and

Stretched trot lines prim on banks and hooks,

Things pedestrian to be sure,

Unlike photon people.