Screaming into the Void


I have been blogging on here on WordPress for about five months now. All this time, I have been amazed to see views from around the world. I would receive one or two views one day and none for the next few days, and here and there I would pick up a subscriber or two. But for the last month or so I started to get views just about every day, and for the last two weeks I have been receiving record numbers of views (for my blog anyway).  Last week I made a new record high on daily views, and so far this week I have made a new record high on daily views three times.

I know that my blog is small potatoes right now, and forty-nine subscribers will sound like a pittance to many. But I am very grateful for everyone that has viewed any one of my posts and even more grateful for anyone that feels like they want so badly to read the silly things that I have to write that they would actually subscribe to the unfocused jumble of words I lovingly call my blog. However, I was so used to screaming unnoticed into the void that it feels really strange to realize that I have suddenly started to draw a crowd. I kind of feel like the mentally ill homeless man standing on the street corner warning of the end of days. I don’t mind if you stand around and watch but just don’t take any of my words too seriously.

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