Housekeeping: Finishing up the 3-day quote challenge!

I love the subversion of The Family Circus comic.

I read somewhere that when Robert Frost wrote The Road Not Taken, he was intending it as a harsh critique of one of his friends that would always agonize over small decisions like which of the two equally suitable paths to take. I could not find the original article that I read this in, but I did find one article that talks about how people interpret the poem differently than Frost had intended:
This article doesn’t offer the best proof of Frost’s intentions because he relies solely on his own interpretation of the lines in the poem and not on historical evidence like letters or journals. However, author’s intentions and other reader’s interpretations only matter as much as you want them to. Poetry interpretation is intensely personal and any poem can mean anything that you want it to mean.

Here goes. Y’all ready for my final quotes for the challenge? I hope so. And I equally hope you’re ready to share more with me!


This one is quite special to me. I’ve always loved the poem – look, I know poems aren’t exactly what is meant by “quote.” But fuck it, just look at it as an extra-long quote that’s kinda sorta like a poem. Cuz it’s a fuckin’ poem! – but it became even more special to me in college. One of the best professors in the world would read it – and cry – at least once in every course he taught. For decades. The world is a sadder place with his absence. I hope I can live up to the dream he had for all of his students…to Carry the Message to Garcia (oooo another post idea) and to take the road less traveled by.

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