You Just Leave Mine Alone

I seen you at the store t’other day an you walked on like ‘twasn’t nothin.’

I caught ya’ on t’other aisle when ya’ thought you was hidin.’ An ya’ wasn’t.

I said how is you? An ya’ stopped ‘cause I’s in da way. An ya said hi.

And ya’ looked away like I’s some stranger. Who’da’ thunk it? No, not me.

And ya’ pushed past. If’n ya thought it was right neighborly of ya.’ ‘Twasn’t.

Now, ya know me. Don’t ya, Earl. Now, I got this shiv under your chin, right?

Now, what you do between you an your goats… Well, you just let mine alone.

I know’d ‘twas you in the pasture last night. Could tell ‘twas you by your stank.

Couldn’t shoot straight last night ‘cause I’s in ma whiskey. Now, I hadn’t a drank.

Could ya’ tell me why your belt buckle’s missin’ an your hat’s laid in my field.

I promise, Earl. I’ll certainly listen before your happy ass’s killt.

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