August Poem 15: Is as a God of Love

Up to my face like not knowing the grain.

Warn of God’s love and lifetimes of risking

Unwanted caressing of my new love.

I don’t mind experiments of living

Love in a rush to make it into Heaven.

But Hillary is not all love and peace.

She is cunt Jemima. Is living God.

Is this problem surmised. Is as a God

Of love. Love of a beautiful woman.

Love to spot a beautiful woman. Love

On her means. On her fire door. On her

Attempting knowledge. On her beer people

You wanna know. On her Saturday vote.

On her ceiling of black shame. On her meat.

August Poem 1: Today in Religious News

Elisha expressed his deepest remorse.

Eaten by bears too harsh a punishment.

Jesus in for questioning on

Reports that Lazarus faked his own death.

God to be held up as a deadbeat dad.

Mary claims she never received a dime.

One family nets world’s largest welfare check:

Government to revoke tax-free status

Of each Christian, Muslim, and Jewish church

In that historians have shown that God

And Abraham conspired to defraud.

He had children both by wife and handmaid.

Multiple nations under one head of

Household. On one welfare account.

July Poem 21: God’s Eye

Ridding the winds of Hurricane Matthew.

A felt vibration of wind, in a word.

Ephemeral slight of meaningless wind.

Up from the rock strewn friction chips signaled

Itself relax. Those who escaped the rock

Were lost. For my part, I swam. On that rock,

The stone music led and had envisioned

The deep, the stone. This was the cornerstone

If the cornerstone happened. The white line

In the water, to clean his catch on man,

God’s eyes watered the dew point like a ghost,

Took water, and rose up the stately streets

Between the high wave that rose up in him

In the blowing in off the lapping waves.

July Poem 15: Do you Live in Hell?… Because I Think You’re the Devil

If there is no god

But God,

Is God an Atheist

Or does he worship himself?


And if God is an Atheist,

Are you prescribed by God

To kill God?


And if you are prescribed to kill God,

Does that make you the adversary?

September Poem 8

Some humans have their grudges against religion,

The room for mysticism.

The Atman not being reborn into samsara

Always given more leeway than even

The periods of time an angry person

Will stop to disprove the existence of a god.


A jaded and angry atheist

With an excellent work ethic

Becomes overbearing

Like that term “paying job”

Which to me was considered wasted

On a low taskmaster.


I grew in knowledge and much efficiency

And would suffer if that worker encroached

And earned said worker the title of accessible to anyone.


My disbelief is a deeply held interconnectedness:

Irreplaceable, diminished.

Therefore, it is disbelief,

A gradual thing

Level and understandable.


The original answer, television

Allows for my empathy and

Is not to blame for the magic in my life.

I have an interest in, have learned that

Games are engaging in a conspiracy

Against those that believe

To keep our like believers fat and listless.


It can’t be only the cellphone,

Categorized by the wheel being

A higher standard inside of Atman,

Forcing one to come up with videos

Of understanding and kinship.

The Facebook and Twitter have made

Our private lives to humiliate believers.


The will is irreplaceable connected

To the internet, the instructor.

It has an odd ability

To personify the people that taught it to think.

And information has been diminished

To be parroted back against


The brown-red of a student’s good grades

Into the yellow heat of the hillside cliffs

Being able to take the light ash

Into the bite size gas skirting the planes

Dotted by chunks of that information,

Sparks and smoke as scraggly brush,

A beauty turned backwards.


Both may feel ill at ease with this understanding of the world,

But the hob and thinker will be first in line for conjunction.

September Poem 7

Word atheist I will call myself.

I can live my life sacrificing

The devices that lead to

The detonation of the word

Only to find empty signifier.


Yet, don’t classify words placeholders.

Words are wind, mist, fumes, space,

Emptiness, vacuum, nothingness.

The empty god-creator of language.

Worshiped at the altar of literature.