August Poem 15: Is as a God of Love

Up to my face like not knowing the grain.

Warn of God’s love and lifetimes of risking

Unwanted caressing of my new love.

I don’t mind experiments of living

Love in a rush to make it into Heaven.

But Hillary is not all love and peace.

She is cunt Jemima. Is living God.

Is this problem surmised. Is as a God

Of love. Love of a beautiful woman.

Love to spot a beautiful woman. Love

On her means. On her fire door. On her

Attempting knowledge. On her beer people

You wanna know. On her Saturday vote.

On her ceiling of black shame. On her meat.

NaPoWriMo Poem 14 Fold In

(Lines 490-495 of John Gower’s The Lover’s Confession folded in with the introduction to John Gower from the Norton Anthology of English Literature Vol. 1 P 348.)


Same story in the remembrance

Raising episodes of hat vengeance

Ovid’s narrative fairly hadden him ordained,

Suffering women into sustres hadden plained:

Butchers her own child. He was chaunged.

Feels the inescapable owene kinde chaunged.