White Whiskey’s New Clothes–Limerick

Clear high proof and completely sterile,

A white whiskey gets its new apparel

Pouring out of the jug

With a generous glug

To a new white oak, char four barrel.


A limerick is a five-line poem where the first, second, and fifth lines are long and the third and fourth lines are short. There seems to be quite a lot of variation between the examples of limericks that I have seen. But the long lines tend to be eight, nine, or ten syllables in length, and the short lines tend to be five, six, or seven syllables in length. Typically, the three long lines rhyme with each other and the two short lines rhyme with each other. But the rhyme scheme is subject to change on the whim of the poet. Limericks are often humorous poems consisting of a single stanza. However, they don’t have to be funny, and limericks can be linked together in multiple stanzas to form a longer poem. If you want to learn more about limericks or any other poetry term, you can check out the Glossary of Poetic Terms at Poetry Foundation here: https://www.poetryfoundation.org/learn/glossary-terms?letter=L

That Ain’t Willy Nelson

At the table

High octane

Tennessee rocket fuel

To loosen up

The glasses just appear

To light the flame

Keep new ones

In your hand

Even at your age

Jack Daniel’s till the cops come

Jack Daniel’s till Willie Nelson sings

Jack Daniel’s till he won’t shut up

Jack Daniel’s till he tells your wife

How much he loves her breasts

Whiskey in the Morning

I want to drink whiskey in the morning.

I think it would start the day off fun.

If I drank whiskey in the morning,

Boy! Could I get things done.

When I drink whiskey in the morning,

I can find the words to say

What it is you mean to me.

Because I drank whiskey in the morning,

I could be what you want me to be.

So I will drink a second whiskey this morning.

And I will make that call to my boss.

After that third whiskey this morning,

I won’t be at a loss.

Unless you count my job.

I told my boss he’s a dick. And took another shot.

When I drink whiskey in the morning,

And my bottle is half full

I drink straight from the bottle.

And then, I drink whiskey in the morning

Until I drink the last drop.

Then, I get in my car

To get some more whiskey in the morning.

I was only halfway out of the driveway

When I heard someone yell stop.

I think it was my wife.

My vision is pretty blurry.

But I need some more whiskey this morning,

So I am sure not

Going to allow

Whoever that was

To take away my fun.

But I need some more whiskey this morning!

At least that’s what I told that cop.


Taking me to jail.

It is not like I am drunk or anything.

The other car jumped out in front of me.

That’s all.

September Poem 30

Here is the pizza

That you turned around

Too quick for maintaining grounding.


Myth will use six character

Blurring to create cheese sauce

Baking feet over an ambiguous narrative.

The possibilities of the aliens to compensate

Had me get the hot whiskey.


This story will be ready and never ready,

So I slipped already repurposing Cian to wait in line

And smell that pungent aroma of the re-sod lawn.

He was arguing perspective,

A refresher of intellectual expense.