Intuition Within the Finetuning of the Universe—Wea’ve Written Weekly

He danced through the rain/slash commands are here/like this was some kind of movie

Start playing music/grooves of complex machinery/shaped by eons of evolution/the command

Influential in the death of the evolutionary process/below the threshold of consciousness

Science, religion, technology, and progress/bot can join your voice channel/to justify

The idea of inferior and superior/disconnect command/ideas of social evolution made

In the image of God/mathematical insight stepping off a train/play the song that the bot requests

To a song that he heard/play the song via a link or search query/that he thought was groovy


I wrote this poem in response to the Wea’ve Written Weekly prompt on Skeptics Kaddish. This week’s prompt poem is “Rain” by Kunjal. if you would like to read her poem or participate in the prompt visit the post here: