Animals Can Teach Us–Ransom Note Poetry

Animals can teach us prose, poetry, and more

Large free-moving excitement. And doctor’s

Padded iron hands provide stability

Shaping the future of society.


We can recognize influence writing

Before mesh wings provide upright handles,

visit highest corporate community,

And attract substitute communities.


To be directly involved across the

Bee-eater sea, looking mobile-friendly,

where obligation overload takes on

Non-skid wheels and organized lesson time.


And the economics in animal

rituals become cyclical changes.

Teaching Enjoyment of Life

I have considered going back to school to get my high school and middle school teaching certificate because Mississippi has a critical shortage of qualified teachers. But I have substituted in the past and the children do not listen to me. In one school, I was labeled the ‘fun’ teacher. You don’t want to be the fun teacher.

As the rumors of your funness spread the children become more and more crazy until they are yelling and running up and down the halls. The janitors start coming into the classroom and telling the kids to shut up, and the teachers in the other classrooms start to complain. Then the principal starts calling you on the intercom system that you don’t know how to use because it works differently in every school. She says, “You need to shut these children up!” At the end of the day, you go home thinking never again at this school. And the next morning the same school is calling to get you to sub for the same classes with the same children that think you are fun.

I have seen how seasoned school teachers control their students. They rule them with an iron fist and wear a constant scowl. And they don’t care if the children don’t do any work as long as they sit down and be quiet. They become more of a prison guard or a drill sergeant than a teacher. I am not sure that I want to be that kind of a person. I like to encourage people to learn not beat their enjoyment of life out of them.

October Poem 47: The Lessons We Teach

Structured to hold up the metal bars and

Rusting chains that could have been medieval

Torture equipment if it weren’t for

Examining the parts out of context.

As we tore down the old playground to make

Room for the new, I thought back to childhood

Playing on this equipment. This cage, the

Old jail. One of my older sisters had

Told me that it was a replica of

The place they kept the Union prisoners

Of war. And we joyfully played yankee

And rebel taking turns locking one then

The other in jail ignorant of the

History lessons that we were teaching.