September Poem 41: Gundam: A Series of Cinquains


Detective to

The sleek enamel and

Curves of sheeted steel waking the




Detective to

The sleek enamel and

Curves of sheeted steel waking Des-




Detective to

The sleek enamel and

Destruction in large thumping steps.




Detective to

The mountainside. The glint

Of steel black and red under stone.




Bringing to life

The beast of a thousand

Years. Unmanned awakening




July Poem 21: God’s Eye

Ridding the winds of Hurricane Matthew.

A felt vibration of wind, in a word.

Ephemeral slight of meaningless wind.

Up from the rock strewn friction chips signaled

Itself relax. Those who escaped the rock

Were lost. For my part, I swam. On that rock,

The stone music led and had envisioned

The deep, the stone. This was the cornerstone

If the cornerstone happened. The white line

In the water, to clean his catch on man,

God’s eyes watered the dew point like a ghost,

Took water, and rose up the stately streets

Between the high wave that rose up in him

In the blowing in off the lapping waves.

2012 Poetry: Shakespearian Sonnet

The bigot strikes the heart with words of stone,

lashing at fantasy cracks in one’s soul.

His words careen, tumble and tear through bone.

He hopes others will help them speed their roll.

A boulder roles loudly, clumsy and slow,

and friction does chip and crumble its base.

Observers act and help absorb the blow.

And granite eyes define the bigot’s face.

Alas, the danger lies in kindly heart.

Microbial dust defiles honest breath.

Unbeknown, the dust stays below at start.

Once dust can cling, it strangles men to death.

Do not fear one man’s hate and bigotry,

he has compiled from society.

July Poem 25

The flier read the yard with me: that was

The staple out of the marble

With the nails, the yard, the flier, with me

Out of the side of the largest hill.

In darker not quite brown section of shadow,

There was a hint of blue

Elements in the roughly hewn stone seats.

There was a figure in the dark.

Stan. But he looked strange.