More than a Buzz

Distant mountains on the horizon baby blue against whitened sky.

Surrounded by chaparral and sand and Joshua trees and nothing.

Strip mall, river’s edge, a little jutting sandbar, and sun on water.

Where’s the road? Is there only river access to your empty car park?

And who’s tents are on the beach? Did they catch more than a buzz on that shore?

June Poem 1

We made our first spring effort

On those Delta trips

And yes, we caught

—We never turned down



And the ghost hunters

—That is a rather loose understanding

—The closer-to-home plants

That have been around for so long—

Hunters never fail to find

All sorts of overriding factors—

Never seen a thing.


Still, May would go to the rivers

That have been transplanted here

From spirits on these same hunts.


But the ghost water temperature is ornate.

Migrating hummingbirds

Asked Mitch about that

And he told me so.