Animals Can Teach Us–Ransom Note Poetry

Animals can teach us prose, poetry, and more

Large free-moving excitement. And doctor’s

Padded iron hands provide stability

Shaping the future of society.


We can recognize influence writing

Before mesh wings provide upright handles,

visit highest corporate community,

And attract substitute communities.


To be directly involved across the

Bee-eater sea, looking mobile-friendly,

where obligation overload takes on

Non-skid wheels and organized lesson time.


And the economics in animal

rituals become cyclical changes.

Unrivaled Paradise–Ransom Note Poetry

Build unrivaled paradise across effortless black walnut armrests

And high-priced housing for animals fleeing a warzone.


So many offer imaginative insect-infected escape

From the space according to language crafted rituals.


Or wood composted brown roof connection that cannot be perfected.

Perfect for a southern buried sawdust shadowed people.

You Number Us in Cyclones and Honey–Ransom Note Poetry

You number us in cyclones and honey,

The unspectacular lilac-breasted

Pattern on the water like wings of milk.

We search for this place when the seas scattered

To the folding dhows will not be pinned.


Our purpose is traced with photographic

Plates of cobweb, corkboard, and spittle.

We will find our purpose from veins polished

From kingfisher feathers. Spinning the trees,

Our purpose scours us to nail and scrap.


Perhaps flying the mighty mockingbird,

At last, down to journey among the known

Suggested king or queen pilgrimages

Of a clean opalescent southern gulf.