August Poem 41: Advice Before You Get Published

When you are too cutting edge and you don’t

Know you are housing morality. Smear

In enough fish smut to flavor the press,

Before you are published and gone. Counter

The pleasures of the day. Float. Nothing to

Show the white line up from the rock strewn for

The red and blue fauxhawked rebel run dream.

Man as mesquite. His six pound soul. Flavor

Your enemies, flesh, and influence as your sin.

As neighbors of many science fiction

Religions. Boys step away from dinner.

The table. The dangerous aftertaste.

This notion to be with a mouthful of

Thought not befitting a hungry poet.

July Poem 29: Simpleminded Barnes

The tightness people believe out of hand.

That got out of hand. The new learner to

The soul to complain. The rose’s other.

Talk to the doc. Never think. You complain

Of fields through to the better complex of

The poet on the teacher. Camelot,

The supreme trickery. Her job over,

Evaluate the dramatized items

Of sure comprehension. Revolver knocked,

Crowded the specific backed down alley

To fool side of my people. I web you

As able. You can’t bring yourself to go.

Luxury slice. I need to believe that

Pined simpleminded Barnes. He only be.