October Poem 49: One Man’s life

But now, would there be

Such a hate filled word in the

Hole in my chest? I

Found the chink in the void. I

Can write intense imagery.


The black beak of the

Iron bar curved, and I do

Not believe in you.

Or your words which cannot tell

Of my future broken void.


Tomorrow, I will

Even add imagery like

I don’t seem to be

Able. Tomorrow, I will

Flash back to the blue iron.


Tomorrow, I will

Lead career paths: prospects of

Bleeding desire

Only to strike out with the

Life in short creative bursts.


Tomorrow, I will

Bring to bear the hunger of

A man and father

In the muffled dark of the

Deep water holding his breath.


Tomorrow, I will

Find the strength to fight for my

Family in front of

A judge steeped in the rights of

Pants suits and skirts and high heels.