That governs

The natural world

And everything seen in it like

The growth of a snail shell or the fronds of a palm.


Fibonacci is not a poetic form, but it really should be. Just set up your poem with a syllable count based on the numbers of the Fibonacci sequence. 1-1-2-3-5-8-13 and so on. An eighth line would be 25 syllables and a ninth line would be 33, but by then you would be running out of page.

Science the Natural Phylosophy

In this YouTube video Bill Nye trashes on philosophy inferring that philosophy is a series of pointless arguments that can only be answered with circular logic. And I agree that questions on whether or not reality is real are pointless and unprovable, but science itself began as natural philosophy so there must be some good that comes out of philosophy.

But if something is invalid if it can only be “proven” by referring back to itself as in circular logic, than Bill Nye would have to also be skeptical of science itself because it is riddled with math which can only be proven with the use of more math. Therefore, math (the backbone of science) is the philosophy that the “real” can be defined by math which is a self-referencing, abstract language invented by the very same humans that invented philosophy for the very same reasons: to make sense of the natural world.

But included within the pointless realm of philosophy is Ethics, the moral philosophy. As even Bill Nye is likely to agree, science is not interested in the effects caused by scientific advancements. Science is only interested in the scientific advances, and leaves the worrying to the philosophers. So science brings the atomic bomb, and Ethics (a branch of Philosophy) informs us on the appropriate times and places to use that atomic bomb. So not only is philosophy not pointless in comparison to science, science is a type of philosophy, defined by math another philosophy, driven by the philosophy that the advancement of science is more important than the negative effects it can bring to the world, and the way we use such scientific advancements are determined by moral philosophy. Go on, Bill Nye. Tell me again how pointless philosophy is.