September Poem 26

We are excited to announce stances

That the judge could hear.

He ordered that all motions be filled

On news of the Honors College and especially

Highlighting the adventure’s achievements

Each indicated separately on the seven counts filed

By district attorney Mark Duncan.

Lefty, would that you said they sound like

They instituted commandments for the faithful.

July Poem 22

Welcome to our second issue of the medallion

Where Gomilion, one of them from one of those spots

On Highway 427, said the Fulbright U.S. student award—

If any are to be awarded—are filed at a later date

Set by the judge’s poll in 2011.


Kati, our first Fulbright student, has been riding the judge,

William Barnett previously Watkins 47 of Road 383.

Conspiracy theorists such as Mike Huckabee at 17

Cited unsubstantiated students

Including our recent Fulbright winner

Who have brought their intellect to the comments

You might expect to overhear at honors house.