October Poem 14

Punished by naturalism’s view of nature,

Tashfeen’s family are held in contempt of Zeus

For giving the fire to an uncaring

And dangerous common man.

The west motivated the modern moderate Muslim world

To use this fire to cook their women.

Their proclamation to the world

Denies that their god complicates history.


Do not we believe

In an eternal life of joy

In front of an American God

Who can as if center rapture

As if worm on his hook?

A kingdom in the sky that is American?


I chose not down

His pole after being

Caught seeking fame.

As a Christian, I believe

Fish times started reeling in his line.


People do not forgive

Mistakes because forgiveness

Brings unpalatable ways of religion.

The heavenly host,

The woman that clutches her

Afterlife proscribed by religion,

And by forgiving, we are bad, wrong, and evil.