But That’s Just the Icing on the Cache—Flarf

It is possible to have a bore condition

In the slow smoke and smolder

The problem is the bore is hard to photograph

Looking into the muzzle of some sort of light show

Icing black rifles in blue percentage


You know the frosting tip used

To decorate cakes and cupcakes

Also known as gray staining,

Micro spalling, or frosting


Well, this little tip

E.g., pitting, frosting,

Strength of rifling, what’s between the lands

Works wonders for pitting cherries.


But still,

Back to the basic question of

Are frosting and pitting basically the same?


However described, frosting and pitting

Effect the overall description

Like royal frosting

That pitted after it dried


Yeah, you run the risk of bubbles

And overbeaten frosting for cakes or cookies

But frosting and pitting in a gun bore

Are the same but perhaps to different degrees


FLARF is a wild style of poetry that started as a joke. People noticed that no matter how bad your poems were Poetry.com would tell you that you had won their poetry prize. Then, they would try to scam you out of your money. So devious poets started sending the crappiest poetry they could write to Poetry.com. Even that would win the poetry prize. These poets began sending each other their crappy poems, and eventually it became a legitimate poetry style. If you want to read more about the FLARF or any of the other poetry terms, check out the glossary of poetic terms from the Poetry Foundation at: https://www.poetryfoundation.org/learn/glossary-terms Google painting is a type of collaging that primarily uses internet search results and Google’s search prediction capabilities to generate quasi-random phrases. The technique helps jumpstart creativity with strange juxtapositions, broken syntax, and internet speak.