The Lies We Want to Believe

As a child, I was always most afraid of spontaneous human combustion. The idea that I might explode into flames at any moment would give me the shivers if ever I was home alone at night. But now that I have learned that anomalous fires are typically caused by the wicking effect, I have trouble believing in anything anymore. Also, it broke my heart to find out that crop circles are simply hillbilly art projects done under cover of darkness. But I still tell my son that Santa is a real thing even though I know one day he will know the truth and realize I am just a liar as well.

August Poem 7: 6 Ways of Looking at a Conspiracy

The right believe in shows

That form conspiracy and the little tree.


We will start

Among many

Conspiratorial spring trees

And resolve to revolve

In the three central

Conspiracy theories.


But maybe, conspiracy theories say,

The traveler prepared the team fishing boat.


Each repeat conspiracy

Ran around 60 plus

On offense in a wide variety of conservatives

Who believe in a musical tale

Of three out-of-his-hands touchdowns by Malik Hickman.


Spanish lawyers

Would meet with conspiracy theorists

That led a public appropriately cautious in motions.


Conspiracy theories,

The gaudy dinner plate blooms

Of the hardy hibiscus, may be

A big source of disappointment.

July Poem 22

Welcome to our second issue of the medallion

Where Gomilion, one of them from one of those spots

On Highway 427, said the Fulbright U.S. student award—

If any are to be awarded—are filed at a later date

Set by the judge’s poll in 2011.


Kati, our first Fulbright student, has been riding the judge,

William Barnett previously Watkins 47 of Road 383.

Conspiracy theorists such as Mike Huckabee at 17

Cited unsubstantiated students

Including our recent Fulbright winner

Who have brought their intellect to the comments

You might expect to overhear at honors house.

June Poem 23

Conspiracies shuddered in fear for associating

With matter forty-two. Roughly, theories can be

A coping buffet table as they enter

The First United Methodist Church.


No, I think he called Melvin

One of the fliers to the column of the local burg.

But I couldn’t be sure about each of the stone pillars

That separated this world from the next.


The Ahyunte Church’s Children’s Committee

Was starlight poured over a fist.

They thumb on his brunch at the church.

And they were exceeded by far.