October Poem 30: Furious Finals

The sleepless night ached inside of you like

A methane pool waiting sharp and shiny

On the forehead. Your brow wrinkled and wrapped

Wringing through thoughts like sweat soaked hand towels.

Absorbent eyebrows wet and sagging like

The frown dripping down and drawing dots on

The multiple choice test sheet. And yellow paint

Cracking against yellowed teeth chewing

The pencil. Teeth browned by the multiple pots

Of pure concentration poured straight through the

Funnel of your coffee cup cram session.

You and your friends finding new knowledge. The

Night before then becoming mere hours

Before the final was set to begin.

October Poem 14: The Last Scraps of Rational Thought

The fear of living by the college. The

Fear of living in a community

Of liberal values. The fear of the

Black and white stripes of anger on short shocks

Of pink and blue hair. Their words with eyes like

Zombies devouring the last scraps of

Rational thought. To go without a prompt,

They could use a word like yellow strips on

Patterned walls when they look into the glow

Off their dog whistle virtue signaling.

They brought it all back to his time before.

The path and the word were concrete instead

Of just the first plank on the path to the

Fear he used to ride when he was a kid.

January Poem 3: Speaking in Semicolons

as you can probably tell, i have been to college; you will notice this because i speak in semicolons; for all intents and purposes, semicolons are the same thing as periods; except, you do not have to capitalize the first word of the next sentence;


you do have to be careful when you speak in semicolons because you can end up speaking in run on sentences, but don’t worry; i am interspersing a few periods to keep things clear and understandable; just take my word for it;

September Poem 26

We are excited to announce stances

That the judge could hear.

He ordered that all motions be filled

On news of the Honors College and especially

Highlighting the adventure’s achievements

Each indicated separately on the seven counts filed

By district attorney Mark Duncan.

Lefty, would that you said they sound like

They instituted commandments for the faithful.

June Poem 20

The heading light of today

Almost seems long-form Ellen Weinauer.

Republicans for the Better Journal say,

The spring has been a busy one in the college

Even as we worked.


I climbed the rim of Mount Vesuvius

And continued to work

To cast absentee ballots.

It’s just not hard to imagine that,

When you decide to pursue research

On mountain sides

While witnessing subsistence

And mine anger,

China is raping us four.