April Poem 30: NaPoWriMo

Can you have Ron Jeremy

Wolfe’s statue in your life?

He was your bold blood

As thick as the ideological similarities.


Typical scholar legalized the higher numbers.

Bring the class back.

Follow everything.


An ancient work being grazed from literature.

Tacos roam from discussion.

Mayo on top of dead reasoning.

Accidentally discharged on my left hand.

Cat practicing the think of dreams.

The bell is Mexican because of a curse.


She can teach many.


October Poem 18

To help happy, they hugged each up

For two hard classes while they watched the bulletin

About two easy ones.


I had no interest space ship flay away

That is assigned in American History.


American History spurred mass Fox-Smith

Destruction in the plains of classes.

I had already signed interest in the subject.

I studied giant spider aliens that eat psychology.