September Poem 8: The Part Where We Begin the Bidding

We will begin the bidding at fifteen

Hundred dollars. So begin acting on

Instinct as I stare into your left eye.

Many trays of lime juice and salt people

See in his unfinished work were direct

With an upturned plastic cup of your time.

Now, let’s bid on his apocalyptic

Movie franchise speech. A small part of the

Speech. The part that flows so quickly it comes

Out as one long word. The part that pushes

Men through the doorway. The part that began

To ooze a stinking, green puss. The part where

He was hunched and whimpering like a dog.

The part where you deny the evidence.

August Poem 42: Single Payer Healthcare: It Will Only Cost Your Soul

I was seeing its fresh Christian thunder,

Eyes that had seen the millennium set

On deep clay. Wearing what weren’t even

Tamed and pulled closed. The hospital gowns. For

Me, they brought two. The pale horse. Six foot four.

Two hundred and twenty-five pounds of grey

Flesh. Tie one on backwards and one on forwards

To haunt the white halls. To determine the

Bodily apocalypse waging. To

Be wheeled from one bright room to another.

To be prodded with cold instruments. To

Be fed through the center of a spinning

Machine. Modern inquisition to force

My confession. My forced resurrection.

September Poem 10

In reality, we have too much control of electronic devices

From time without the horrible technology.

But be that one in need for charity

Or a person who inly stands to wrong,


They understand life to be too

Structured by assigned instructor

Although the fictional human race is

Being herded toward

An apocalyptic movie franchise.


As neighbors of many science fiction religions,

They warn of an encounter with an evil tech.

Letting technology take a deep breath,

We demonize the term, overlord,

The dangerous aftertaste,


The major gist designed by people

To relax and bring technology into

The Hinduism efficiency chapter.