Animals Can Teach Us–Ransom Note Poetry

Animals can teach us prose, poetry, and more

Large free-moving excitement. And doctor’s

Padded iron hands provide stability

Shaping the future of society.


We can recognize influence writing

Before mesh wings provide upright handles,

visit highest corporate community,

And attract substitute communities.


To be directly involved across the

Bee-eater sea, looking mobile-friendly,

where obligation overload takes on

Non-skid wheels and organized lesson time.


And the economics in animal

rituals become cyclical changes.

September Poem 15: Roadkill

Roadkill. When you raise your voice. Cloud the rain

Masquerading. He was involved. Bite sized.

French. The massive container ships of toast

Made from hardy hibiscus. The kind of

Culebra Cut passings in the feedbox.

Return. The corner. And you. Adorned with

A large bag of grape Skittles and the sharp

Cold of your own overfull ashtray. Time.

Spirit. More in the white wet springs creaking

In their own dry scratch like a summer wind

That arose in thinking animals. Like

To absurdity in the word’s engraved

Sandals. Hacking emotional problems.

Flier in frustration. In frustration.

September Poem 7: Black Feathers

Against the wall, I leaned. And a little

Man walked out. He wore a green felt robe of

Biting animals. Lifted his right arm

And opened his hand releasing a cloud

Of flies. There was a chorus spike as I

Realized my body was reacting. I

Was outstretched. The stucco against my back

Arms. A Greek chorus filed the room. Tammy

Was nowhere. And black feathers hung to like

Tassels. Morning flinched as the second world

Ate the daughters who’s soldier shuddered when

The strongest ship pulled up anchor and fled.

I felt my skin crawl from the sleeves, and I

Bowed broken to the audience of her.

June Poem 26

A Greek chorus filed the garage,

And Tammy was nowhere.


There was a chorus spike

As soon as I realized

My body was reacting.


I was outstretched.

I felt the stucco against my back arms

And black feathers

That hung like tassels

Against the wall.


I leaned,

And a little man walked out.

He wore a green felt

Robe of biting animals.

He lifted

His right arm

And opened

His hand

Releasing a cloud of flies.


I felt my skin

Crawl from the sleeves,

And he bowed

To the audience with her

Against the wall.