Did You Know Its Right (My son wrote this)

Did you know its right

To eat hot chips wrong?

I do that sometimes

It goes into my water supplies

Not my eating supplies

My water is going into this

I think…

Or this…

Where is my belly?

I have a really little belly

Told you

I really have some sometimes

September Poem 3: Play Your Trump Card

Feelings just as false as the trees taken

To growing their leaves gilded in gold leaf.

As fake as the gold flakes baked into each

French Baguette cooked into different patterned

Loaves. As fake as that thing on top of Trump’s

Head. Like French toast dipped in an egg wash then

Dredged through the hair shorn off a dead cat and

Fried until light and golden. She gently

Pushed down the plunger of the French press while

Skin she keeps began to take serious

The possibility to create a

Career off of Trump. Melania “Trump.”

The name had a ring to it. A 14 carat

Gold, blood diamond encrusted ring to it.

August Poem 1: Today in Religious News

Elisha expressed his deepest remorse.

Eaten by bears too harsh a punishment.

Jesus in for questioning on

Reports that Lazarus faked his own death.

God to be held up as a deadbeat dad.

Mary claims she never received a dime.

One family nets world’s largest welfare check:

Government to revoke tax-free status

Of each Christian, Muslim, and Jewish church

In that historians have shown that God

And Abraham conspired to defraud.

He had children both by wife and handmaid.

Multiple nations under one head of

Household. On one welfare account.

July Poem 27: Welcome to Huddle House: Let’s Eat

Come in and get some of our fresh coffee.

It’s only slightly burnt. Or you could try

A big glass of our famous southern style,—

Damn the diabetes—ice cold, sweet tea.

Thick enough to pour over your pancakes.

You’ll love the sight of an open kitchen.

Say “Hi” to the beltless chef and his crack.

His specialty is four strips of bacon

With bits of fried trash. One piece is rat shit.

And don’t forget to stay for the hearty

Heaps of handpicked and deep fried horses butt holes.

Nothing better than beer and buttermilk

Battered butt holes, Pounded until tender,

Drizzled to dripping in savory sauce.