WordPress Comments (Found Poetry)

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Poetic Line Generator

I created this poem entirely from lines generated in a poetic line generator. In no way do I claim this as my own poetry, but it does have a similar feel to a lot of the abstract poetry that I have written.

You can check out the poetic line generator that I used right here: Poetic Line Generator

Go ahead and let me know what you think. Are the robots going to be taking the poets’ jobs any time soon?

The Memories of Pain Embrace in the Water


Two figures of love turn after the storm.

Your oldest friends of words sleep amongst the

Shadows. Shapes of summer echo like a

Dancer alone on the stage. The leaves of

The soul sleep inside the meaning. Men dressed

In the color of the dance reach stillness.

The trees of harmony vanish like a

Child. The oceans of desire join in

The insect air. Your oldest friends of tears

Cry in your forgotten dreams. The seasons

From your past whisper inside the meaning.

Two figures of wanting echo beneath

The surface. Some of the waves of wanting

Breathe sensuously. Poets of time touch

The meaning. The children of winter speak.



Odedi’s Wine Review Blog

I found poetry rather by accident, today. Odedi’s Wine Review Blog showed up in my notifications tab today for having liked one of my poems. As I am always interested in the people that look at my blog, I checked out the site and was immediately drawn by the imagery of the words. Odedi’s tasting notes are both works of aesthetic beauty and helpful hints for buying wine. So if you are looking for some reading to enliven your soul as well as get your taste buds watering you should check out Odedi’s Wine Review Blog at: https://winesipping.wordpress.com/