July Poem 20

Is the governess a prologue?

James’s discursive field of letter.

The governess said after and then repeated governess.

This phrase could be sign that he had himself.

The reappearance of a story to tell his story

Creates an area of discourse.

I saw he was not hand.


James following this, I took for an argument.

Yes, the competition, the went.

This nothing two more times,

James Douglas.


Elsewhere, Francesco and Miles

Repeat the word. Up until page 6.

Before Miles admits to having

Opened the story to the group.


Before the fact, the manuscript arrives.

And how the author’s hand postpones his telling

Should be referred to as the hand of agree.

July Poem 10: Joint Papers Short Stint in Meaning

As Sad Strands of Cigarette


As story contest describes

Having to wait: we wait.

And rip the end of a Marlboro

Compressing meanings.


Dried banana

Peels much of the you

With lord as I know.


They never used it

Translating Henry about both

Him and I.


And I could with toothpaste.

Spent religious debate

Resurrecting small strips.

July Poem 8: If We are Toothpaste Stories

The same cigarette, this anecdote

Is out with my other buddy.

We had stopped by stories.


He had some type of toothpaste

And smoked it as if it were,

When I had been hanging.

It wasn’t like weed. But

I figured it would work.


I told him that I did know

Of a trick that squealed it

Across the Crest Gel toothpaste.

But I pulled out and it was too harsh to hold in.

Buddy had combed like I was going to puke.


Toothpaste tasted bad and burned

Across the throat of the schoolyard

As you were hoping it was a grave.

Joints actually had worked for me one night recently.

The toothpaste was a famously complex syntax.

And when they with an unused tube

Of no layering, they were lit,

And they would curl name.


However, this was entertaining

Even if I felt meaningless.

Words out a black and red end

Squeezed. Roll them in toothpaste.