I am a writer with a Bachelor’s Degree in English from The University of Southern Mississippi.

I started this blog without knowing exactly what I was going to do with it. Over the years I have transformed it from a somewhat educational blog where I would put out weekly articles about popular culture as well as examples of my fiction and scholarly writing. So basically this blog started as a catchall for any and all writing that I may dream up. And that is still what it is but now my interests have been mainly taken up by the writing of poetry.

And the funny thing is that I did not earn my English degree with the intention of writing poetry. In fact, I spent all but one of my elective classes on fiction writing. And in my senior year I took an introduction to poetry writing because I needed one more class to qualify as a full time student. In that class, I got over my “fear” of writing poetry, but I really didn’t continue writing poetry because I felt like I didn’t really understand how to write poetry while I was fairly adept at fiction.

But things changed in April of 2016 when I first heard of the National Poetry Writing Month. I decided to push myself to write one poem for each day in April, and after I finished I still felt like I didn’t really understand poetry but I had found a way to write poetry consistently. And since that day my blog has been primarily focused on the creation of poetry.

I expect to post at least one poem per day although some days I may post many more. And the more I work at it the better I get. And while I may not have had a conventional education in poetry I feel like I am beginning to understand what poetry is about. So until I notice that my blog has morphed into something totally different, this is what this blog is about.

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