Gathering Daisies—Wea’ve Written Weekly

Is there nothing to be found

Carved like names into headstones

Forever declaring births and deaths

Of the people who once found faith

On slow walks through this field?


Like a tree rooted in death

Looking for peace in the cemetery,

I try to find my bit of happiness

Slowly pushing aside the graves.


I wrote this poem in response to the Wea’ve Written Weekly prompt on Skeptics Kaddish. This week’s prompt poem is “It’s a Stretch” by Steven S Wallace. If you would like to read the poem or participate in the prompt, visit the post here:

But more specifically, I wrote this poem after reading Murisopis’ response to the weekly prompt. I was inspired by the poem’s focus on the tree roots grinding through the bodies of the dead trying and failing to get sustenance from them. The poem is well worth a look. You can find it here:

11 thoughts on “Gathering Daisies—Wea’ve Written Weekly

  1. Thank you! There’s a lot in this short poem. The metaphor of the roots pushing stones away as if to put the past behind. I really like it!! — SSW

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