As American As—Flarf

This almost winter of apple pie and discontent

In some typology by using subs sign

Made of tightly packed snow, a rapid flow down a slope

Like fragments full of holes

Set off spontaneously from heavy equipment in action

Only given two parameters


We are together to be hazards to life and property

To fray the range of eternity

And teach forming a powder snow avalanche

And return anew in the grey

Though they appear to share some similarities

Faith in algebra can subtract

Any mountain range in spring or winter

Substring of almost winter


FLARF is a wild style of poetry that started as a joke. People noticed that no matter how bad your poems were would tell you that you had won their poetry prize. Then, they would try to scam you out of your money. So devious poets started sending the crappiest poetry they could write to Even that would win the poetry prize. These poets began sending each other their crappy poems, and eventually it became a legitimate poetry style. If you want to read more about the FLARF or any of the other poetry terms, check out the glossary of poetic terms from the Poetry Foundation at:

Google painting is a type of collaging that primarily uses internet search results and Google’s search prediction capabilities to generate quasi-random phrases. The technique helps jumpstart creativity with strange juxtapositions, broken syntax, and internet speak.


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