Recipe for the Easy Eye—Monorhyme—Wea’ve Written Weekly

You were telling her to go inside

And perfect the pork well water pie

She wrote recipes that end up white

Fermented in a saltwater brine

Each bit infused with Stowe Cider High

The screaming gal with the easy eye


Monorhyme is a poetic technique using the same rhyming sound on multiple lines.

I have decided to go with near rhymes for half of the lines because I struggle to find enough word variation within perfect rhymes. Also, I like the more subtle effect that you get with near rhymes. Perfect rhymes have a tendency to draw all of the attention to the sound of the end of the line and distract from the rest of the poem when I do it. Many very good poets can make perfect rhymes work, but I have just not developed that level of skill.

I wrote this poem in response to the Wea’ve Written Weekly prompt on Skeptics Kaddish. This week’s prompt poem is “Finding a Voice” by Murisopsis if you would like to read her poem or participate in the prompt visit the post here:


7 thoughts on “Recipe for the Easy Eye—Monorhyme—Wea’ve Written Weekly

  1. Brilliant! I also agree that too many perfect rhymes (unless done really well, I guess, but I don’t possess that skill level either) can pull attention away from the essence of the poem.

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