Oh yeah! Confused. Hello. (My son’s poem)

One day, I saw a man eating

Some Rice Crispy Treats with marshmallows.

And then, oh yeah!… Hello. I see you.


No. I seen you.

Can you do more?



All the way. Stop.

I mean stop. Ohhh…


He put his hands over his face.

Then, he read the words on the screen.

Oh yeah! Confused. Hello.

What is your name?


You haven’t had any snacks for lunch.

And then somebody came and hit me in the noggin.

The end.


14 thoughts on “Oh yeah! Confused. Hello. (My son’s poem)

    1. he loves to tell me what to write. but it is good for him too. He has to practice reading over my shoulder to make sure I am writing the right thing because I will write every word he says. lol 😀


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