And You Were Handing Out Life Advice—Free Verse

The last few chugs of spiced rum

From the porch

On a Tuesday

Watching the dew dry on the grass mindset.


The ginger, lemon,

And orange peel

Scented cheap rum mindset.


The bleary eyes

And pungent breath mindset.


The three-day beard mindset.

The yellow smell of a fatty liver mindset.

The overgrown lawn mindset.

The paint peeling from the eaves mindset.


You must be insane

You thought you could say something about our mindset.


Insanity like the CIAs Midnight Climax

Of brothels and LSD experiments.

Insanity like hidden human trials with mind control.

Insanity like a giant window on telegraph hill

Leading to its many forgotten rooms.

Insanity like the most overused cliché.


We can sneak off

While you try to remember,

And you’ll have forgotten we were there.


Forgotten the definition of insanity

Is repeating the definition of insanity

As if no one has heard it before


And having a look on your face

Like you think you made up something insightful,

And you expect recognition for your genius.


Then you might say something more about mindset,

And we will all be smiling and nodding

Because now,


We all know that you are completely drunk and high.

And if we pretend to listen long enough,

You will either pass out

Or lose your train of thought

Mumbling into the sun.


A free verse poem has no set pattern for line or stanza length. Rhyme is not used, or it is used sparingly. The line length and the rhythm or the lines are dictated by the natural rhythm of speech or other concerns such as emphasis on a particular word, image, or idea.

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