Marital Conversations—Flash Fiction

Husband is lying on the couch watching wife in the armchair. She has her head down watching her phone. When husband talks, wife has to remove earbuds to understand. After a lull in the conversation, husband lifts his leg straight up to fart. Wife, having not yet put the earbud back in her left ear, gives him a glance. Husband sniffs lightly and makes a face. “Smells like a fart.”

Wife gets out of her chair and walks toward the front door. “Smells like a fart?!” She mutters to herself. “It always smells like a fart.”

As wife walks out the door, husband says, “No it doesn’t. Sometimes it smells like chocolate cake or Chinese food.”

Wife comes back in to say, “No, it doesn’t!”

Husband says, “Yes, it does.” And wife goes back outside.


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