Who Gets the Axe?–Haibun

Look, I understand the alure of quick, cheap, and fabricated emotional drama. I am a writer myself. I know what it means to force yourself to produce even when all your ideas are crap. But reality shows have to quit it with this high-tension exit to commercial break formula. I get it, you don’t want people to click away while you try to shill for things they don’t need.

But shows are trying to sneak Batcheloresque who-goes-and-who-stays ‘roses ceremonies’ at every commercial break. It has even bled over into shows that aren’t even competitions. I mean, how many more times am I going to be stuck watching a docuseries about modern American quilting circles where the voiceover says, “Will Aunt Gilda be able to successfully complete the cross-stitch in time? Tune back in after the commercial to find out!”

Axe in hand, farmer

Likes to watch geese guess who sees

Today’s chopping block.


Haibun is a pairing of unadorned prose with haiku. The prose is often a paragraph from a personal journal or travel log. The Haiku is supposed to poetically illuminate the prose in some way without being a direct continuation of the prose.


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