A Storm Cloud Hanging–Haiku

A storm cloud hanging

Like a sandbag in the sky

Waiting for the drop.


Haiku is a nature-based three line poem written in a short/long/short pattern. haiku have five syllables in the first line, seven in the second, and five in the third. There is usually a reference to season within the poem, and there is often a turn in the third line. Haiku do not need to be grammatically correct and do not require punctuation. All that being said, every single one of these rules have been ignored by one poet or another and any poem that is vividly written and short can be described as haiku.

For my own haiku, I tend to write them as sentences. Many people advise that you take out as many of the articles as possible, and I try to do that as long as it doesn’t confuse the meaning of the poem or disrupting the flow of the words. For example, I could have written the poem like this:

Storm cloud hanging

Sandbag in sky

Waiting for drop

And this is a good haiku, but it is no longer a grammatically correct sentence, and it no longer has a smooth flow. Honestly, it may even be a better haiku than the other version. Why don’t we just ignore the first one. This second version is my real haiku.


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