The Magic of a Rose—Rose Prompt—Poetry Scavenger Hunt

A rose as a thing

Is already interesting

Without imbuing

It with magical power.


Papery petals

As soft as a Turkish silk

Lite, creamy, and smooth

Delicate as sweet raw milk.


The smell, as it goes,

Is pleasant. It’s a flower!

Like perfume and toes

Mostly clean from the shower.


But magic it’s got,

And when you’re on the spot,

And her day is shot,

She’ll forget you forgot.


And, yeah, that’s one hell

Of a magical power!


I wrote this poem following the prompt ‘rose’ as part of Muris’ poetry scavenger hunt on the A Different Perspective page. If you want to participate, check out her page here:

4 thoughts on “The Magic of a Rose—Rose Prompt—Poetry Scavenger Hunt

  1. Hehe! A clever little poem! I’ve heard that flowers can lift spirits and smooth over rough spots. I’ve never been a flower kind of girl. If Sparky brought me flowers I’d want to know what he’d done that guilt would persuade him to spend money on dead flowers!!

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    1. It is a problem. I am having trouble keeping up with all the television I am supposed to be watching. lol 😀

      But really, I am having fun with it. And I am improving. Writing poetry used to be very difficult and my poems would be poor to mediocre.

      Now, I am finding that I can focus on the things that I used to ignore like rhythm and rhyme. And I think many of my poems lately have been really good.


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