Book Fair Kyrielle—Rant Poem—Poetry Scavenger Hunt

Come and buy the books you don’t need

With baubles and pencils and such.

Help to urge your children to read,

But they really cost too damn much.


It could really help out the school

If you were involved just a touch.

When your there you’ll feel like a fool.

The books really cost too damn much.


We get local funding. We do.

And we’d even like to declutch

Our budget from money from you,

But teaching really costs too damn much.


I wrote this rant poem as part of Muris’ poetry scavenger hunt on the A Different Perspective page. If you want to participate, check out her page here:


2 thoughts on “Book Fair Kyrielle—Rant Poem—Poetry Scavenger Hunt

  1. Hehe! For me it wasn’t the book fair but the never ending PTA fund raisers selling everything from chocolate bars to wrapping paper and magazine subscriptions! I can relate to this one completely!!

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    1. My son’s school has four picture days per year, and they try to sell eight different t-shirts. Plus, they do one take home fundraiser per semester. I am sure the PTA does fundraisers, too, but I don’t attend the PTA. I know they need money. I understand the teachers don’t get paid enough. But seriously, do they do any teaching, or is it only fund raising?


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