The Hidden Queen–Cascade Poem–#OnceUponATime

There was a hidden Queen

Walking from town to town

Cursed to live out her days

Fighting the wild land.


She lived in luxury

As lucky as a clam

Until she was put out

Now, she’s the hidden Queen.


Just a filthy beggar

Woman out stealing food,

Working for a pittance,

Working from town to town.


She sleeps in the weather

Clothing made of rags,

A tale for the children,

Cursed to live out her days.


In burning the castle,

The flames had cursed her life

Teaching her humility

Fighting the wild land.


I wanted to write a cascade poem to meet the poetry writing challenge from Muris’ page A Different Perspective. She has a list of 13 poetic forms to write in the month of April. If you are interested, you can find her list here:

I don’t know. Does this count? Can you complete a story writing challenge with a poem? I think I might be able to do more justice to this story if I am not so tightly constrained. So I think I will end up writing it out in short story form. I will wait and see what I can do though because this week’s cards don’t look as much like a ready made story as last weeks cards did. I did pull something out for this poem, but I am not sure I am totally happy with the way it turned out.


One thought on “The Hidden Queen–Cascade Poem–#OnceUponATime

  1. Richard welcome to the scavenger hunt! I do like your cascade and it does tell the story of the hidden queen succinctly – though as you mention a longer prose version might allow for more nuances… Still this is a lovely poem!!

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