Who wants to play “Once Upon a Time”?

“Once Upon a Time” is a cooperative storytelling card game. The object of the game is to work together taking turns telling a fantasy story. The game is part cooperative and part competitive. Each of the players has their own story elements and ending card. When one player uses all of their element cards and reads off their ending card, that player wins. Because of the drive for the players to win, the game devolves into saying a word or two and throwing your cards on the table. This is not how the game is supposed to be played.

In my house, we have changed the rules. Instead of trying to tell one story where each of us try to steal the story from each other, we take turns telling the story we have come up with from the cards in our own hands. This makes it a fun game to play with your kids that helps teach them storytelling structure. At the same time, it is a good tool for practicing storytelling skills in a nonthreatening way.

If you choose to participate with me, feel free to write your story as short or as long as you like and comment a link of your story to this post so that everyone can see the differing stories that come from the same story telling elements.

The rules:

  1. The story starts with, “Once upon a time.”
  2. Use as many of the seven story element cards as you can.
  3. End your story with the phrase on the ending card.
  4. Have fun.

7 thoughts on “Who wants to play “Once Upon a Time”?

    1. There is no deadline. It is simply for fun. I thought it would be interesting to see the stories that different people could write with the same building blocks. I may post another set of cards on Sunday, but that does not mean it is too late for the old ones.

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      1. Very cool and something I’d love to do … in my spare time! I also posted your game on Write Here if anyone on FB is interested. Great idea and lots of fun. Would make a terrific party game if it doesn’t already exist.

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      2. It is a party game, but I could never get people to stop playing it like a quirky version of Uno. I had to significantly alter the rules to get people to actually try to tell a story rather than throw their cards on the table.

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