Good, Better, Best Scenario

Doctors, I’ve had it with your good, better best scenarios. We all know that “good” means instant death. If I was dead, I wouldn’t be taking to you, so why are you wasting my time with this?

And “better” means that you can keep me alive for up to a week while you squeeze my insurance company for all they have.

And “best” is whatever disease I happen to have at the moment. Whatever I have isn’t my best-case scenario. This isn’t what I want to have. I would much rather have my health.

And there is not someone up there looking out for me, or I wouldn’t be here, would I?

And if I have a guardian angel, it must be the same one that protected Job.

And what the hell is a walking miracle anyway? Is that supposed to be a joke? You can see that I came in here unable to walk, can’t you?

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