Little Brown Mouse Trapped

Little brown mouse trapped

On a glue strip screaming

And kicking in fear

Dying slowly because

A kill trap is not as humane.

6 thoughts on “Little Brown Mouse Trapped

    1. I understand the impulse to avoid using a kill trap, but the suffering of a mouse in a glue trap seems so much worse than a quick snap of the classic trap. They claim that you can free the mouse from the glue trap with mineral spirits, but in my experience the mice are so exhausted by the time you find them that they are on deaths door and cannot escape even when the glue is softened.

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      1. The whole concept is disgusting to me. There are traps that can be set that do not kill; they simply catch the critter and it can be released. I’m not going to get on a soap box over this and certainly have no complaints about your ink. It’s just that there are options other than killing or watching a little creature rip its leg off trying to free itself from a glue trap.

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      2. I know. It is terrible that is why I wrote about it. I don’t like to kill things that I don’t have to kill but capturing and releasing them does not work. The mice get wise to the capture traps. I tried glue traps because I thought they would be more humane. You are supposed to be able to release the mice after you catch them, but in actual practice, they only make the mice suffer and die slowly. And the mice get wise to them as well. We eventually had to resort to poison bait to get rid of the mice. Morally and ethically, it was a difficult road for me to go down, but you can’t just allow mice to live in your house. They destroy your property and spread disease. And I don’t know a better way to deal with them.

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      3. You’re right, of course, when home and health are involved. Sometimes there’s no easy way out and you just do what needs to be done. The circle of life. I’m sure it can’t be an easy or pleasant task.

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