NaNoWriMoDay 22 (1162 words) Visions from the Coffee Cup.

One day after, Markey came home from school when Linda was going through his backpack looking for his new homework, he said, “Mom, is my dad evil?”

Allen was in the kitchen pouring mink into a glass he had the chocolate syrup on the counter. Linda said, “Allen, are you evil?”

Allen said, “No. If I were evil would I be making chocolate milk?”

Markey said, “I know Allen is not evil. Is my dad evil?”

Linda said, “You know he is the Emperor of Evil.”

Markey said, “Not like that. Is my dad evil evil?” He pulled something out of his pocket. “Billy gave me this in class today. He said he found it on the sink in the bathroom.” Markey handed his mother a small religious themed comic book printed in black ink on pink paper.

It was made of strips of paper about two inches wide with a saddle fold and a single staple as binding. Written in bold letters across the front page said, “Are you following to your own destruction?” It was illustrated with the image of a face in a mirror inside of a bold lined circle with a slash through it. In smaller print on the bottom or the page it said, “Brought to you by the church of the mother goddess.”

Linda flipped through the pages. She skimmed a few words here and there, but that wasn’t truly necessary. The intent of the message was made clear in the drawings. It showed what was clearly meant to be Raul powering a machine with an image of the Earth broken in half. The next page showed flames, destruction, and dead and dying people begging for forgiveness. The final page had big letters that said, “The destruction of your eternal soul.”

Markey said, “Mom, you said he just wanted you back. You said he changed his mind, and he won’t use his machine.”

Linda said, “He did Markey. He decided not to use his machine. I showed him he could change, and he could give you a better life here. You can go into the bathroom and call him.”

Markey said, “But the comic called him the Father of Lies.”

Linda said, “Son, your father has never lied to you.”

Markey said, “The comic book is fake like the science book?”

Linda said, “At least, the science book wants to be right. I am not so sure about these people.”

Markey went into the bathroom and hummed a tune and waved his hands in front of the mirror and the face of Raul appeared. Linda went into the kitchen to talk to Allen. She said, “These people are getting worse.”

Allen said, “I don’t know, Linda. I was just approached that one time at the park. I don’t think it is as bad and it seems.” Allen was telling the truth, but he had been actively trying to avoid them as much as he could and when he couldn’t avoid them, he had noticed that their rhetoric had been getting more and more offensive. He said, “How do you think Raul is going to react to Markey being dragged into the middle of all of this?”

Linda said, “Aren’t you supposed to be the one who knows that?”

Allen said, “I don’t even know how I want to react. Let alone how a distant memory of someone I may or may not have been and may or may not still be might react. But at least, he is trapped in that other dimension and only has a limited ability to take action here.”

Linda said, “He still has that machine that he was planning to use to hear the universe apart.”

Allen said, “That was only to get you back when you and he were not on speaking terms.”

Linda said, “But what if he decides to use it to bring Markey back?”

Allen said, “Markey can come and go as he pleases. I don’t think it will ever come to that.”

Markey called out, “Mom, can you come in here? My dad wants to talk to you.”

Linda walked into the bathroom. The mirror was blacker than the last time she had spoken to Raul, and the green light that emanated from his face seemed just a bit brighter. Raul said, “Linda, I thought you said this was going to be a good experience for my son.” He took a breath and gathered himself a bit. “Our son. I am sorry about being so intense, but it is hard to see my son with his feelings hurt and I am here unable to do anything about it.”

Linda said, “I don’t like to see his feelings hurt either. But that is part of life.”

Raul said, “And you still don’t think he should just smash his enemies?”

Linda said, “No, Raul. I don’t believe these people are his enemies, and violence is not a proper response.”

Raul said, “I am not saying that he should go punch them in the face or anything. He could send a flaming serpent from the bowels of hell, or sink their houses into a lake of fire.”

Linda said, “I don’t think those types of interventions help.”

Raul said, “Of course they do.”

Linda said, “These are the same people that you had been manipulating to get to me earlier.”

Raul said, “I have turned off my machine. They should have just gone back to their old lives.”

Linda said, “People don’t just stop. You wound them up and set them moving and now they are moving with the same momentum but with no leader. And they now think that you are at fault because they lost their leader shortly after you had Stacy take control of Allen.”

Raul said, “Who was the one that put a stop to that Linda? It was you if I recall correctly.”

Linda said, “I am not placing blame, Raul. I am only showing you things from the perspective of some who lives here. If you take drastic action, it causes consequences that you can’t control.”

Raul said, “You live there, Linda. You have the power and ability to make them do anything you want.”

Linda said, “I thought we already had this discussion. I didn’t let myself die just so I could continue on as The Empress of Evil. I am trying to make something else of myself.”

Raul said, “You don’t have to use any of your infernal powers. You said that Stacy was their leader and Stacy is a part of you. You know that she always was.”

Linda said, “I don’t know, Raul. That sounds too much like exactly the kind of life that I am trying to leave behind.”

Raul said, “Well, at least think about it. Ok, Linda? Just don’t let anything happen to our little boy.”

Linda said, “I won’t.” She called out for her son. “Markey, come say good bye to your dad.”

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