Stop Being Angry About Everything

The boss man made a dollar

And paid it to the state.

The workers wanted their share.

He told them they’re too late.

They said he was a liar

And a lousy bum.

They set his house on fire

And cut off his thumb.

The boss man made a dollar

And paid it to his staff

They say he was arrested

And all his workers laughed.

The boss man made a dollar

And gave half here half there

Now both sides are angry

And pulling out their hair.

The workers want their dollar

And so does the state

And both sides will holler

Pay up and do not wait.

The boss man earns his money

And then he earns some more

And if he didn’t make that money

His workers wouldn’t have a job.

The government wouldn’t have taxes.

The cities would have no revenue

And the regions would be depressed.

And the workers would be angry

That the bosses took their money

And ran off to somewhere else.

Look, simple rhymes don’t cut it,

And neither does simple logic.

Don’t be an idiot. Think things through,

And stop being angry about everything.

That is my job. You can’t have my job.

2 thoughts on “Stop Being Angry About Everything

    1. I can see both sides of the argument, but on the internet these days it is fashionable to claim that all bosses are evil all the time in everything that they do. I just wanted to push back on that a little. I mean if Captain Kirk goes to space, should people be calling for prison time for Jeff Bezos? I don’t think so.

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