15 thoughts on “But He Was Wise

  1. Nah.

    I know a guy who was so concerned about being a “player” that he failed all the woman he tried to play.

    Wanna know why?
    He was too busy being generic due to too many different experiences

    One lover means you learn their cues their whims their intimate needs. You’ll understand how to finesse that lover.

    Multiple lovers… you cannot please for you are attempting to manage different machines. What works for one won’t work for the others and while he’s too busy thinking he’s all that cause of this or that they ALL left thinking is that all you got

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    1. I’ve known so many people that were so concerned with what others thought they were doing that they never did anything interesting. They weren’t ‘players’ though usually they were alcoholics or drug addicts often far gone in their disease, and at least two of them were women.

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      1. Yikes! Yeah my ex is an addict. He’s spent his entire life since teenager rollercoaster riding in his addiction. The longest he’s ever been able to stay sober was ten months and that was a stipulation in order to receive money from dad. 🙄 he’s done some pretty ugly hearted things to plenty of people. From tricking his little brother to take drugs by calling them vitamins causing the little guy to OD to raping a girl in high school, beating up woman, conning people etc everything horrific act you can think of…. he’s done it. He’s really good at playing the victim tho he snatched onto people convinced them he’s so weak and in their need and boom once he gains their trust! Ticking time bomb explodes

        I can definitely relate

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      2. I hope you are alright though. Sometimes–this has happened to me so I know–Sometimes, you get stuck in a series of bad relationships and have to do some soul searching to find out why you are attracted to dysfunctional relationships. I have a habit of tying myself to sinking ships. I hope you have fared better.

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      3. Well I connected with the guy back in high school BEFORE he got into drugs so I had faith in him and belief in him I wanted the best for that guy. Due to a connection that was apparently a lie this whole time🧐 I thought that he was telling the truth when he said he was “Better” nah just a manipulative tactic. To snatch me into his orbit. By the time I started noticing the red flags he was already here in person and it was too late.

        I’ve had other relationships. Most of them have been far different way healthier. my last relationship before him ended because we just didn’t click as a couple and we both mutually agreed in a positive manor that it was time to end it. For a while after breaking up he and I argued but merely because we had kiddos together and had to learn to deal with each other. We’re still close and co parent damn well.. Without those issues now.

        When I started dating my addict ex I chose him I didn’t need him. Our first intimate experience occured during a visit while he still lived long distance, when he went back home and started stating he needed me in his everyday getting angsty edgy and agitated over it I mean I was frustrated too I missed his presence. not being near me led him to relapse.
        That’s when our problems began

        I’m a woman with morals and standards I won’t date a drug addict or alcoholic for that matter. I know my worth and I won’t settle for less. I told him when he came out that I wouldn’t be around if he continued his relapse but the substances were more important to him. He couldn’t handle being with a real woman. He needed a complacent one. His behavior escalated so quickly he’d assaulted me two days under a month.

        He took the initiative to “punish” me for

        1. Not being naive enough to fall for the manipulation

        2. Seeing through the bullshit

        3. Calling him out on the bullshit

        4. Not enabling the behavior or addiction of a narcissistic addict.


        Do you have Twitter or ig these personal conversations get too personal for WP public forum

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      4. I see what you mean. Children makes things difficult. My daughter is from my wife’s first marriage. Her father and I get along well, but it can get weird sometimes.

        Warning the section below is off topic.
        I went back on Facebook to join a writer’s group, but it looks like I made the Satanists angry for commenting something about eating babies. Turns out ‘eating babies’ is a harmful stereotype and I am a ‘Christian Imperialist’ or some such nonsense. They didn’t read all the way until the silly joke I made. So I don’t think I will be signing into any other social media anytime soon. Talk about a time suck. I had to apologize so they wouldn’t find me and eat my children. The wrote giant walls of text, so my apology had to be just as long. Yep, that’s been my day so far.

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      5. You are right. It is my fault. But it was funny. I drop the same silliness on WordPress. But I guess on Facebook it does feel like a target personal attack even when it is not. Argh! That is why I hate social media. Somehow WP is not social media to me.

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    1. No, I get it. My writings may come out of my head, but they are not actual reflections on my life and beliefs. This particular haiku is part of a larger series and in context–if I did it right–will mean something different. I hope you read it. I am excited about it. I think it is going somewhere.

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